The Two Unfortunates in 2014-5

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The Two Unfortunates in 2014-5

In recent weeks, several of the longest standing and best football blogs of recent years have announced changes in direction while others have decided to call it a day altogether. Similarly, here at The Two Unfortunates, time pressures have become a key factor and hence, we have devised a new plan for the website in 2014-5.

From now on, the intention will be to publish a cluster of posts each month on a particular theme. Long standing readers will remember that we have dabbled with this format before and our Geographies of Football and Turmoil Week series of posts have been among our most widely read.

The themes will likely be broad brush and not always restricted to the Football League (although one might expect the balance of coverage to continue to be weighted in that direction). We would like to tackle some of the main issues facing the sport in an in depth way in order to provide a narrative while you should expect something of a campaigning tone at times (the likes of When Saturday Comes and Two Hundred Percent continue to be key influences).

Up next will be a series of posts in the first week of September devoted to the theme of ownership – with overarching examinations of the topic placed alongside some key case studies (Leeds United fans can expect something that will interest them). In between times, we won’t be as active as normal although our writers will continue to contribute to other sites (if invited!) and we shall continue to publish the odd book review — an element of our activity which we are very proud of.

So look out for the first post on ownership on September 1st.

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  1. Bushmonkey
    August 26, 2014

    As an AFC Wimbledon fan I look forward to reading these. Keep up the good work!

    • Lanterne Rouge
      August 27, 2014



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