TTU Awards 2011-12: Best Club Website/Blog

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TTU Awards 2011-12: Best Club Website/Blog
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2011-12 was torrid for the blogs. Two trailblazing club websites, Viva Rovers and Boy from Brazil called it a day and the circumstances behind these closures made a significant impact, provoking a serious amount of existential, ‘why do we do this?’ mutterings. Then, just a fortnight ago, Ben Mayhew decided to discontinue his Greenwich Gull site although he will remain active via his Experimental 361 persona.

Thankfully, some terrific sites remain. Our own John McGee did a sterling job with his relaunch of Carlisle United soapbox, Bring Me the Head of Keith Mincher and last year’s winner FC Boro happily decided to make a return after a hiatus.

Elsewhere, Watford’s BHaPPY continues to set an extraordinarily high standard of writing, while The Exiled Robin (Bristol City), The Sky Blues Blog (Coventry City), Seat Pitch (Nottingham Forest), The Scratching Shed (Leeds United) and The Tilehurst End (Reading) continued to set high standards.

Design wise, it would be nigh on impossible to beat Steve Welsh’s simply magnificent and The Notts Blog, Girl on a Terrace (Rochdale) and Fever Bitch (Kerry Andrew’s smart take on Wycombe Wanderers and other topics) provided zesty highlights. In League 2, The Washbag (Swindon) and Oxblogger (Oxford United)  are just two of a number of good platforms.

But our 2011-12 winner is A United View of Football – it was a real coup for Ian Rands to scoop interviews with a host of ex-Blades such as Brian Deane and Jamie Hoyland and it’s a credit to Ian that his is one of the few club blogs that manages to step above the petty partisanship and in-jokery that let so many down – Ian expertly sidestepped the pitfalls that might have accompanied a less thoughtful writer when Ched Evans was jailed and his cheerful bonhomie is blissfully bereft of the prickliness that seems to plague some tweeters.

Not that that in-jokery is always a bad thing – one site which has plenty of this but which also entertains neutrals is Crystal Palace online zine Five Year Plan – having a larger team helps but we really appreciate Jim Daly’s scatalogical editorship and their line on some big campaigns has been admirable.

2010-11 winner: FC Boro
2009-10 winner: BHaPPY

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  1. Lanterne Rouge
    June 4, 2012

    As a postscript, I’d like to underline that this is for club specific blogs and Football League blogs only – there are some absolutely brilliant Premier League, non-league and general blogs as well of course.

    If people want to nominate a blog that isn’t currently in our Football League blog network co-stewarded with The 72, do let us know. Our main criteria would be a thoughtfulness about the writing as well as a relatively consistent rate of postage. We know that maintaining a blog is hard work as most people have day jobs but keeping active and up-to-date is important.

    Above all, if anyone is thinking of plugging a gap and starting a blog for a club which is currently under served, go for it.

  2. Nick
    June 4, 2012

    Another sad passing was the closure of European Football Weekends earlier this year.

    On the positve front, Brighton’s The Seagull Love Review blog has been nominated for an FSF award.

    • Lanterne Rouge
      June 4, 2012

      Indeed – and Les Rosbifs and The Equaliser too.

      We are big Seagull Love Review fans and it’s great to see them nominated in the fanzine category of the FSF awards – we generally stuck to those who only have an online presence when deciding whom to mention. Elsewhere in the fanzine world, Chester’s Blue and White Fanzine and Doncaster’s Popular Stand are big faves.


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