TTU’s Goodreads 9-11-12

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TTU’s Goodreads 9-11-12
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This week’s three posts to enjoy are all distinguished by the in depth nature of their analysis:

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show, The Scottish Football Monitor

Stuart Cosgrove is well known north of the border for his participation in the irreverent podcast Off the Ball, a show that loves to cock a snook at the Auld Firm. Here, he dissects the doom mongering that beset Scottish football this summer and points to the way that social media and fan participation have, on the contrary, ushered in a paradigm shift – and one that is likely to be all the better for everyone.

Never Forgive, Never Forget: The return of the Spectre of the Unwanted FA Cup Match, Two Hundred Percent

We know from experience that there is no subject guaranteed to garner an apocalyptic comments section than the usurpation of Wimbledon Football Club and that doyen of football bloggers, Ian King has once again trodden an expert line in getting to the nub of the issue in advance of a potential FA Cup tie between two sets of Dons. The post also provoked an excellent discussion on the most recent Sound of Football podcast.

QPR and Reading showcase two very different ways to play 4-4-2, The Guardian

Although the Football League remains our main business, we’ll be making occasional forays into Premier League and Non-League waters and many might consider Sunday’s eminently predictable 1-1 draw between two sets of Hoops as a de facto lower tier game even if the badges embossed on sleeves say otherwise. In the end, the willing triers from Berkshire and the multi million pound fancy dans from west London cancelled eachother out and Zonal Marking’s Michael Cox provided his typically acute take on the showdown.


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