What I want from my football club – Part 4: Basement boys

The Seventy Two has canvassed the opinion of several Football League writers from a variety of different clubs to ask one simple question: what do you want from your football club? Given around 300 words to play with, there were numerous responses so we will be looking at a cross-section every day this week, continuing with the thoughts of supporters of four clubs who have spent 2011/12 towards the bottom

A new low for Plymouth Argyle as history whispers in the night

It has been nearly eighteen months since the first post on The Seventy Two, yet there are elements that I’m still getting used to. One of these is a compelling sense of duty to watch League One and League Two teams whenever their games are chosen for live television coverage. I would generally choose to watch Championship football anyway but if there is anything on the box from further down

Delving deeper: Attempting to analyse League Two

Deeper down in the Football League, writes Aaron Smith from The Washbag, there are no Opta stats or endless TV analysis of every minutiae covering completed passes, interceptions, animated shot graphics and tactical analysis to name but a few. Unless a full 90 minute video of all games was available to analyse, and even then the time to waste, we’ve only really got our eyes and the Press Association

The Seventy Two Unfortunates Football League season preview

The Seventy Two has joined forces with fellow Football League blog The Two Unfortunates, not to mention fans of all 72 clubs in the Football League, to bring you a full 108-page season preview.

Click on the image below to read online or click here to download the PDF.

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Newcastle united behind Plymouth Argyle cause

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I was in Odessa on the night of April 19th 2010, writes Michael Hudson, and so, like the video, most of what I can remember of the game itself comes from YouTube links.


The euphoric, guttural roar from the away end at the final whistle, bodies streaming on to the pitch, players mobbed, Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping blasting out over the Home Park tannoy. Before the game a group of …