Top 5 Unheralded Managers in the Football League

Top 5 Unheralded Managers in the Football League

With the managerial merry-go-round operating at warp speed over the Christmas break, and the recruitment seemingly limited to just Michael Appleton and Sean O’Driscoll, we thought that it was time that some of the lesser-touted managers of the Football League received some attention. Many readers will no doubt want to nominate other deserving individuals, but, to get things started, here is our list of five gaffers achieving great …

No Pain, No Gain for Millwall

No Pain, No Gain for Millwall

The optimism with which the season began didn’t take long to evaporate. Perhaps they were just another dispiriting example of modern football’s culture of instant gratification, but the boos that greeted the half-time whistle in our opening match at home to Blackpool were loud and clear.

In what some might refer to as a quirk of the fixture list, this opening match was a repeat of that which ended …

A journey through projects of the Football League

“Project” is generally perceived as a dirty word in English football, particularly in the lower leagues. It is usually employed as justification for short-term failure or overly extravagant expenditure. When things go wrong, everyone needs to pull together and believe in the project. When things go right, it’s just called winning…

proj·ect   [n. proj-ekt, -ikt; v. pruh-jekt]

1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.

2. a …

The top flight team that put faith in the Football League

You’ll need Premier League experience, they said. You’ll get slaughtered with those players, they said. Holt will be useless against Premier League defenders, they said. Lambert scoffed, finished off his Carlsberg Special Brew and got to work. I’m almost sure that’s exactly how it happened, says Norwich City fan Matt Wallace.

More or less.

But those kind of statements, those broad generalisations were and still are part of the …

Darlington, Lincoln, an extraordinary day and a date for the diary

On Wednesday morning, I had no real plans for the weekend other than watching Sky’s soaraway Super Sunday extravaganza. By Wednesday afternoon, Saturday was full. I was off to Darlington for the day.

That Wednesday, my girlfriend had been following the Darlo saga on Radio Tees. Captivated by the dramatic turn of events which saw the club given a stay of execution by a curly-haired man brandishing a briefcase full …