Forget Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor… it’s the NOPAs!

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Sorry, disappointed dancing fans. Apologies if I’ve put the kybosh on your karaoke searches, X Factor viewers. This is nothing to do with either of those programmes. I just thought I’d see whether it’s true that you really do get four trillion hits if you mention them. No, this is about the Picklive NOPA (Not One Hundred Percent Accurate) Awards…

You can read all about the awards, nominations and possible guest presenters here:

The Seventy Two has been nominated for the Best Football Blog category at the Picklive Not One Hundred Percent Accurate Awards and, although it has as much chance of winning as Mike Ashley in a Tyneside popularity contest, it is nevertheless a very nice thing indeed just to get on that shortlist.

You can still buy tickets for the event. It takes place in East London on Wednesday 15th December and all proceeds go to chari-dee.

You might even get to meet Clive Tyldesley by the sounds of things, which is quite exciting. I have been a FIFA devotee for some years (the computer game, not the allegedly part-corrupt world football governing body – and on that note, SAVE PLYMOUTH ARGYLE).

At the moment I am weighing up whether to let Clive know that I hated him with a passion for a good few months in the not-so distant past for chuckling at my pixellated long-range efforts on a regular basis.

Even when the commentator was switched to Martin Tyler for the next edition of the game, I still referred to him as Clive – and I continue to do so to this day. In fact, all football commentators are known as Clive to me and my flat-mate. More of him later.

The competition for the NOPA award reads like a Who’s Who of the best football blogs on the internet – Zonal Marking, European Football Weekends, Swiss Ramble and The Equaliser.

That The Seventy Two somehow managed to scrape onto this shortlist ahead of, for example, In Bed With Maradona or Les Rosbifs, is a bit like putting Leo Fortune-West forward for the Ballon D’Or, but we’ve got to make the best of these situations, eh!

Joking aside, the six sites listed above – along with many others, most of which get a link here – all make for superb reading and I am a regular visitor to each and every one, as I’m sure many of you are (not you, One Direction fans).

Although The Seventy Two is largely a one-man operation, there are lots of people without whom it wouldn’t happen at all, let alone receiving award nominations of any sort.

It seems like the right time to thank those people, along with all of you for your continuing readership (DISCLAIMER: this does not apply to anyone stumbling across the site for the first time, hoping for some inside information on who is going to win the X Factor on Sunday night – don’t tell anyone I told you but I heard it’s going to be five talentless young oiks with thatched cottage haircuts.)

Moving on, then…

Thank you, thank you, thank you to…

Loyal supporters:

Two to thank here, really. The Seventy Two wouldn’t exist without Katy Marsland and Haydon Spenceley. You’re both absolute stars.

That other Football League blog:

I often feel guilty that I don’t plug them as much as I should, but The Two Unfortunates is a fantastic Football League blog that always merits your attention. Thanks for all the links, RTs and the like – keep up the great work.

Thanks in particular to David Jones and The League Paper for their RTs and discussion. Always worth a follow, view, read or whatever it is you have to do in order to drink in their Football League coverage.

The route in:

Backpage Football – cheers for finding a place for some of my Spanish football ramblings earlier in the year. Apologies for all the image issues – you can see I steer clear of them as much as possible on here! I learned well (i.e. gave up).

All other football bloggers:

The Twitter fraternity is an extremely positive place to be a part of – lots of interesting discussion, but above all support and encouragement for new bloggers, which is fantastically refreshing. Sorry not to list you all by name but anyone who’s ever FFed or RTed, huge thanks. You can see most of my favourites on the Recommended Reading tab at the top.

Everyone who’s ever contributed some writing:

There’s a list here. Especially Rich Prew, Joe Brewin and Mike Holden though – keep sending your great stuff in and it will keep getting published.

Siteground and Les Rosbifs:

Siteground for hosting the site and Les Rosbifs for recommending them.

Picklive (the awards chaps):

I haven’t been yet, but I bet it will be a great evening and huge thanks to them for putting it on. Not so huge thanks for the ludicrously addictive game I risk losing a lot of money on. Join here! – Picklive Footie. And if my mate Alex turns up in a red leather catsuit, please let me in but feel free to turn him away.

This does feel a bit self-indulgent so apologies for that, but going to an awards ceremony in London feels like justification of all the evenings sat at home after work trying to sum up my feelings about people like [name removed] without incurring legal action or nearly throwing my laptop out of the window in utter frustration with WordPress (which is largely an incredible service).

Have a lovely weekend.

The Seventy Two
The Seventy Two published an outstanding series of articles about the Football League between 2010-12 and was the brainchild of Leicester City fan, David Bevan. As well as collaborating with The Two Unfortunates on the Football League Blog Network and a mammoth 2011-12 season preview, the site featured a host of leading bloggers and David was rewarded with a nomination in the 2011 Football Supporters’ Federation awards. Latterly, he was joined as co-editor by Joe Harrison and TTU is happy to present this archive of the site’s output.

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  1. Lanterne Rouge
    December 13, 2010

    Thnaks very much for the plug David but you shouldn’t feel guilty – we owe a lot to your encouragement. Best of luck in the awards and…as Gillingham fans used to chant about Mr. Fortune-West: Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say Leo!….LEO!


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