Minor News

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We’re in denial. The transfer of Michael Owen to Manchester United is technically something we should be commenting on. Only, it seems like we really shouldn’t. We propose forgetting that he has been on the books of a Coca Cola Championship club with an airbrushing of history that would have made Nikita Khruschchev proud. The co-architect with Sven of that 5-1 win in Munich doesn’t currently belong in our league.…

Johnson and his 4-5-1

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For two seasons now, Bristol City have pleased the senses with the grassbound style favoured by the wily Gary Johnson, supplemented by the occasional hump forward to towering Dele Adebola. Though some way short of prolific, with just 16 goals across two seasons, the Nigerian born front man’s power was ever a menace to the opposition and the extent to which he will be missed is underlined by a mischievous

4 Times a Bluebird

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Cardiff City may have paid a very large four million pound fee to at long last secure Michael Chopra permanently but his excellent record in the Welsh capital means that this is likely to be a no brainer of a deal. Perhaps more than any other player in recent seasons, Chopra epitomizes the large roster of stars who are electric at the lower level, but flounder at the higher. If …

Dragons’ Den

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Will the real fickle fan please stand up? Having been sceptical about the motivation behind businessman Yasuaki Kagami’s stake in the Pilgrims for months, Thursday’s takeover at Argyle and the PR surrounding it have, in the most part, put my mind at rest: I’ve met the facts of the deal with a mixture of relief and quiet excitement.

The involvement of Sir Roy Gardner and Keith Todd, speculated in the …

5 reasons why Di Matteo has got the Baggies boinging again by Will Mann

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None of us saw it coming. Roberto Di Matteo had barely been mentioned in the press or even on fan forums as a possible candidate for the West Bromwich Albion manager — sorry, head coach — vacancy. But after his appointment, the initial shock and reservations have quickly subsided, and a warm feeling of optimism and cautious excitement has begun to build around B71. Here’s why:

  1. Charisma. Albion chairman