Selling out – and just giving…

UPDATE – see the foot of this post.

Recently you may have noticed some adverts going up onto The Seventy Two. On the right there >>>

The Seventy Two is just a hobby of mine really. I love writing and I enjoy reading everyone’s reactions – good or bad. Bring it on. I also enjoy featuring contributions from talented young writers.

The adverts were a bit of a test to see whether I could actually make any money on the side to fund a few away trips. Things are getting tight on the cash front these days aren’t they?

To cut a long story short, no-one’s clicking on the bloody things and I’ve made £1.08 in the opening month of their presence on the site. Yeah, I know. I’ve got Expedia up on another tab as I type…

Anyway, it’s just come to my attention that one of the occasional writers for The Seventy Two, 21-year-old Derby County fan Joel Clyne, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Here’s a Just Giving page one of Joel’s friends has set up where you can donate to Cancer Research UK.

For now, I’m going to keep the advertising on the site and donate it all to Cancer Research UK if and when anyone decides to click on the ads.

If it stays at £1.08 for much longer then I’ll review this stance. I’m not sure they could do much with that kind of capital to be fair. I’m also going to donate a note or two in the mean time obviously.

Oh, and here is a link to the articles Joel has written for this site on Derby’s progress so far this season.

Thanks for your time,

David (editor, The Seventy Two)

PS that link looks a bit hidden…

Just Giving – Cancer Research UK

The Retweet Roll of Honour

Huge thanks to the following for spreading this message:

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Taking the ads off the site now, it’s a case of pennies rather than pounds! Thanks to all who clicked. I am going to double the £9.24 raised and donate £20 to Cancer Research UK.

All the best Joel.


The Seventy Two
The Seventy Two published an outstanding series of articles about the Football League between 2010-12 and was the brainchild of Leicester City fan, David Bevan. As well as collaborating with The Two Unfortunates on the Football League Blog Network and a mammoth 2011-12 season preview, the site featured a host of leading bloggers and David was rewarded with a nomination in the 2011 Football Supporters’ Federation awards. Latterly, he was joined as co-editor by Joe Harrison and TTU is happy to present this archive of the site’s output.


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  2. WhoDey
    November 29, 2010

    Was going to click the ads for you but couldn’t see the ads. Tried Firefox and IE, all I see is “As featured on newsnow” and “Not 100% Awards”. There’s an empty box beneath “Advert”. Maybe it’s just my computer or maybe I’m being thick and you’re referring to the links I just mentioned.

    Also, I’ll take this opoprtunity to say thanks for providing such high quality content about the leagues that the media as a whole doesn’t seem to give a monkey’s about.

    • theseventytwo
      November 29, 2010

      Cheers for this, there must be an error, there should be an advert underneath that wording but it wasn’t appearing the other day when I looked either, will have to look into it. Maybe I’m being done for enticing people to click. Would be a tad harsh I think.

      Also appreciate the kind words. That’s the sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you!


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