The Championship summer league ladder #1

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The Football League season ends. A new idea starts.

Over the summer, The Seventy Two will be running a Championship league ladder. The idea is that an initial league table will be published based on where teams finished last season – relegated Premier League teams at the top, promoted League One teams at the bottom – and each week a guest blogger or journalist will come in and move one team up and one team down based on where they think they will finish next season.

By the time the season starts, we’ll have a predicted league table. It might look awful, but at least we can all take collective responsibility…

So here’s how we start…

  1. Birmingham City
  2. Blackpool
  3. West Ham United
  4. Cardiff City
  5. Reading
  6. Nottingham Forest
  7. Leeds United
  8. Burnley
  9. Millwall
  10. Leicester City
  11. Hull City
  12. Middlesbrough
  13. Ipswich Town
  14. Watford
  15. Bristol City
  16. Portsmouth
  17. Barnsley
  18. Coventry City
  19. Derby County
  20. Crystal Palace
  21. Doncaster Rovers
  22. Brighton and Hove Albion
  23. Southampton
  24. Peterborough United

So if you are a blogger or journalist and fancy throwing your two penneth in, let me know – either in the comments below or via Twitter.

The Seventy Two
The Seventy Two published an outstanding series of articles about the Football League between 2010-12 and was the brainchild of Leicester City fan, David Bevan. As well as collaborating with The Two Unfortunates on the Football League Blog Network and a mammoth 2011-12 season preview, the site featured a host of leading bloggers and David was rewarded with a nomination in the 2011 Football Supporters’ Federation awards. Latterly, he was joined as co-editor by Joe Harrison and TTU is happy to present this archive of the site’s output.

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