The Two Unfortunates Football Cities Series

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The Two Unfortunates Football Cities Series

Over the course of October, we shall be bringing you a series of posts on the footballing landscape across a range of cities in both the UK and abroad.

This series is akin in some respects to our Geographies of Football series of a couple of years ago where we analysed the sport’s impact on a number of regions including Kent and Cornwall.

But in recent times, the main focus of attention for both geographers and economists has swung away from the study of regions towards the cities they contain.

Shiny new city centres, sky rise development projects, an increase in attention from investment banks and realtors and a growing inequality between cities and their hinterlands have been a feature of the urban scene the world over.

This has been very much reflected in football where clubs from London are enjoying a protracted period of success and Manchester too has attracted the kind of investment that spurs a wealthier population and a wish to get behind its sporting heroes.

The themes the series of post will explore include the nature of one club cities (Ben Woolhead will kick the series off by looking at Newcastle tomorrow), urban areas with two competing teams (Sheffield and Bristol are examples) and cities which are big enough to support a number of top sides — London is the obvious case and Chris Matthews will once again reappraise the issues he brought to our attention in a post for us in 2012.

We’ll be exploring how cities and football interact from a variety of angles including historical, sporting, financial and socioeconomic and we’ll hear tale of stadium moves (both actual and aborted), city governance, finances, fandom and rivalry.

We’ll also look abroad and the extraordinary case of New York, a city with three professional clubs vying for prominence as well as cities of the future including the controversial case of Milton Keynes.

If you wish to interact with us over the course of the series, our twitter presence is @twounfortunates while if you like what you read, do please bear us in mind if you are voting in the 2015 FSF Awards.

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