TTU Awards 2013-14: Crimes Against Football

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TTU Awards 2013-14: Crimes Against Football
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[A[n obvious choice in this category and one which our own Lanterne Rouge got the chance to expound upon on a recent edition of the We Are Going Up podcast followed on from the proposal by Greg Dyke and the rest of The FA Commission to introduce non-competitive B Teams and Strategic Loan Partnerships into the Football League. In doing so they sent out the message that the competiton exists simply to serve the needs of the Premier League and the English national side.

However, although it is a Greg who wins our award, it’s not Mr. Dyke; rather Greg Clarke, the utterly spineless Football League Chairman who emerges triumphant this year. From EPPP, to enabling the shameful exile of Coventry City, to his role in Dyke’s FA Commission, he has caved into the interests of the money men over and over during his tenure.

A dishonourable mention goes to Danny Mills, whose quotes defending League 3 patronised and belittled everyone involved in football outside of the Premier League while Blackpool’s Karl Oyston/Paul Ince duumvirate, the various characters intent on extracting money from Leeds United and Tony Fernandes all gain mentions. Fernandes in particular thinks that the way to approach league football is akin to a game of Monopoly where you are allowed to place hotels on all the properties from the first throw of the dice. QPR follow in the footsteps of a long string of clubs who have muscled their way to promotion financially and quite frankly, we are all fed up with it

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2010-11 winner: MK Dons
2009-10 winner: R. Scudamore

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