TTU’s Goodreads 08-02-13

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TTU’s Goodreads 08-02-13
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Good reads is probably a misnomer for this column as we also hope to highlight other online activities such as podcasts as well as tumblr style blogs of which Karl Smout’s Footysphere is a particular favourite. By way of illustration, our first pick this week is an audio one.

Episode 69 – Dickov Leaves the Latics, We Are Going Up!

This season has seen the We Are Going Up! podcast shift focus to concentrate on in depth interviews covering major issues in the Football League in a given week. The result has been an absorbing series of episodes and the latest saw Ron Smith of the terrific Swindon Town blog, The Washbag provide his views on the financial situation at the Wiltshire club as well as Paolo Di Canio’s take on the sale of Matt Ritchie. In addition, Matt Chambers of the Oldham Chronicle can be heard speaking eloquently of the latest managerial sacking at Boundary Park.

Football’s way of keeping time has become outdated, When Saturday Comes

Remember that thunderous hooter that used to sound the end of proceedings in Rugby League matches commentated upon by Eddie Waring or Ray French on saturday afternoons? This piece from Christopher Dyer for the eternally brilliant WSC posits the question as to whether it’s time for an independent timekeeper in football? A thought provoking read it is too.

25 Steps to Becoming a Football Hipster,

We’re not fans of anti-intellectualism at TTU Towers, but this list did make us smile – if only because nearly all the character traits listed theoron are entirely admirable – a bit like those that US blog Stuff White People Like listed back in the day. Our response – ‘guilty as charged’ – although if you were to meet any of our writers in person, ‘hipster’ would be the last word that would spring to mind.

I’m off for a night in listening to the latest Death Grips album and the Breaking Bad boxset.


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