TTU’s Goodreads 2-11-12

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TTU’s Goodreads 2-11-12
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There’s a nostalgic hue to this week’s triumvirate of recommendations from the footballing blogosphere:

So Long Ceefax, Cheerio Chas ‘n’ Dave, Dispatches from a Football Sofa

Another stunner from that ever reliable wordsmith, Greg Theoharis — curator of the always marvellous Dispatches from a Football Sofa. This time, Greg marks the passing of Ceefax and uses it to conjure up a forgotten North London. In the words of Chas ‘n’ Dave, Greg does often have ‘more rabbit than Sainsburys’ but never is a word uttered out of place.

Away win. A long time coming, but well worth it, Oxblogger

Away days are a major component of what makes the English professional game wonderful, so we were delighted to stumble across this lovely piece, from Oxblogger – one of a number of good websites devoted to the Yellows – which runs through one supporter’s personal history when it comes to watching the Us on the road. Capturing the quirks and scenes that make us come back for more each year, this is a real gem and deserves an audience.

1984-85 FA Cup: First round, That 1980s Sports Blog

Lastly, this account of the 1984-5 FA Cup first round from Steve Pye’s That 1980s Sports Blog caught our attention — a time when our blogger Lanterne Rouge not only lived and breathed the game but would have injected it intravenously had it been possible. Puzzlement as to what the ‘VS’ in ‘VS Rugby’ stood for loomed large at the time and Ian Branfoot’s treating his Reading side to a colliery tour at a time of acute political and social upheaval sets the mind racing.

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