TTU’s Goodreads 23-11-12

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This week’s choice things, written on the hop from a internet cafe in Manchester, begin with a list:

50 Football Blogs/Sites You Must Look At!,

We love lists here on TTU, especially when we’re on them, and this catalogue of blogs and websites from theFootyBlog does a good job of providing links to a number of established – and lesser well known – pages.

Continuing with the list theme, In Bed With Maradona – a site which rarely disappoints – kicked off its ‘The 100’ project recently, an attempt to profile and assess the 100 most promising young players in the world from year to year. It’s caught our eye in the past few days, and we’ll be logging in to check on the various additions in the coming weeks. You can too at the following link:

The 100 – One Year On, In Bed With Maradona

Third up is a piece from Jon Holmes over on WAGU, which got me – a Plymouth fan – thinking:

Too Many Bad Days at the Office for Fletch, We Are Going Up!

Argyle’s form is terrible right now, but just a few weeks ago supporters were looking at a possible push for the play-offs after the Pilgrims broke a long, long record of failing to win back to-back games. Yet, just weeks on, the majority of messageboard-going supporters are irate and nothing less than Carl Fletcher’s head on a spike will do. This piece takes a step back and tries to assess things as fairly as possible, which Jon Holmes should be commended for.

The Two Unfortunates
The non-partisan website with an eye on the Football League

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