The Financial Underbelly: Queens Park Rangers

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This summer, a serious new broom is sweeping through Loftus Road, the current home of Queens Park Rangers.

Four new players have joined since the cessation of hostilities in May and each has a very different image from the ragbag of a shower of ex-internationals, cronies and never has-beens brought to Shepherd’s Bush by Harry Redknapp and others.

First, QPR showed adroitness in picking over the bones of …

The Financial Underbelly: Reading

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The Financial Underbelly: Reading

In Friday’s previous instalment in our series on the financial health of football clubs, Chris Lines described Reading Football Club’s attitude post-relegation in 2013 as a ‘dignified readjustment’. Here, Jon Keen delves deep in a bid to assess the financial health of the Royals.

When the guys at The Two Unfortunates asked me to put something together about the financial underbelly at Reading, the two words that sprang …

The Financial Underbelly: AFC Bournemouth

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The Financial Underbelly: AFC Bournemouth

For the fourth in our series charting the financial background to a range of clubs, we have called upon Chris Lines, @narrowtheangle on twitter and purveyor of the blog of that name. Here, Chris turns his attention to the club that finished atop the Football League pile in May and one that has garnered more than a few column centimetres since.

AFC Bournemouth’s recent promotion to the …

The Financial Underbelly: Coventry City

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The Financial Underbelly: Coventry City

Okay, okay – when it comes to Coventry City, the financial situation is less an ‘underbelly’ than a gaping open wound that has festered for several seasons now. Here, Ian Palmer sums up his personal fatigue with the whole business. Ian can be followed on twitter at @iancpalmer.

Coventry City have been losing fans.

In fact, I’d bet no club has lost as many fans over the …

The Financial Underbelly: Blackburn Rovers

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The Financial Underbelly: Blackburn Rovers

Next up in our summer series is Phil Lloyd who initially got in touch to contribute an entry to our Great Football League Teams series back in 2012 but has since been forced by the continuing tenure of Venky’s at Ewood Park to restrict his missives to contemporary matters. Phil can be followed on twitter at @PhilLloyd6.

It’s only a few short years ago that Blackburn Rovers …