TTU Awards 2011-12

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TTU Awards 2011-12

It’s awards time again. Leading up to a Euro 2012-induced hiatus for The Two Unfortunates, we’ll be proclaiming our gongs for 2011-12 based on the opinions of our writers; watchers of football in all three divisions of the Football League. It’s fitting to note then, that our Best Manager of a year ago was Paul Lambert, now poised to take the next possibly upward step in his coaching career, while …

TTU Awards 2010/2011: Team of the Season

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Spanning our coverage to three divisions would always present problems when deciding upon this season’s best team. Just as the WBA, IBF and WBC versions of international boxing competed for eminence in the 1980s, Queen’s Park Rangers, Chesterfield and Brighton and Hove Albion possess equal claims to be the top canines thirty or so years on.

…and why restrict deliberations to actual Champions? Also mentioned by our pollsters were a

TTU Awards 2010/2011: Manager of the Season

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It will come as no surprise that the words ‘simply’ and ‘astonishing’ were used by several different contributors independently of one another in reference to Paul Lambert’s stewardship at Carrow Road.

It’s a kind of rags to riches story that’s been done to death, of course. Indeed, in trying to sum the past two years, which have seen Lambert pick Norwich up by the scruff and build a mentally tough …

TTU Awards 2010/2011: Player of the Season

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Our votes in this most storied of categories were split evenly and many of the usual characters cropped up. Grant Holt, so hearteningly wonderful in this year of Canary yellow, will be looking back on his days as a definitive journeyman and Singapore leaguer with disbelief and Scott Sinclair’s play off heroics confirmed an ability to link wideside flair with end product.

Lower down the leagues, Craig Mackail-Smith was a

TTU Awards 2010/2011: Young Player of the Season

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For the simple reason that we think the Seagulls would have been less likely to stroll to promotion like they did without him, Elliott Bennett takes this year’s Young Player award. Of course, the man of the protruding tongue has since caved in to Paul Lambert’s advances but given the Canaries’ rising star, who can really blame the lad?

Deemed ready for Championship football in this recent assessment of Brighton’s