TTU’s Goodreads 01-02-13

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TTU’s Goodreads 01-02-13
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First up in our recommended reading for this week is a fascinating piece from Oxford United blog, The Boys from Up the Hill:

Luke McCormick: Another Fine Mess, The Boys from Up the Hill

The moral conundrum that presents itself when your club signs a player with a dark past is not easily solvable. Here, the decision is explained as yet more evidence of the flagrant disregard the Oxford board are showing for their fans – creating a problem where none existed before and adding to the swirl of disappointment currently engulfing a team that had started 2012-13 so promisingly. Football is fast becoming an ethical Bermuda Triangle.

We need to change for the sake of stability, Millers Mad

David Rawson was the author of two of our most striking posts of last year, including a baleful lament on the arrival of Steve Evans in South Yorkshire. Here,  he calls into question the aggressive Scot’s insistence on perpetual revolution at the New York Stadium. It’s a very well written missive, as we’ve come to expect from David.

Stan Collymore – a riposte, TwitLonger

Paul Sarahs is the journalist behind twitter account @wanchope_dickov and during the week, he became involved in a spat with Stanley Victor Collymore, once of Liverpool and a host of other teams and now a pundit generally considered to be a cut above the usual. Still, this didn’t stop the former Southend United hero from indulging in an anti-intellectual tirade – Sarahs’ response is notable for its measured and disarming nature, and although it’s sprinkled with a touch of mea culpa, one feels he’s the one in the right.

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