TTU’s Goodreads 16-11-12

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TTU’s Goodreads 16-11-12
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This week’s three reading recommendations come from a range of sources:

A Game without Rules, The New York Review of Books

Eight decades since the World Cup was founded, Tim Parks, author of A Season in Verona uses football to make parallels with the world of literature and how international considerations impinge upon an author’s mind set. Lots to ponder and it set us thinking that perhaps in the same way that Brazil have achieved success with European-style players such as Dunga and Gilberto Silva, perhaps the world of letters has been too influenced by the power of American universities.

Stags the Way I Like it, putajumperon

We are still planning to review A. E. Greb’s book The Long Way in these pages but an aversion to kindles on the part of one of our number has so far prevented this. In the meantime, however, this online missive on this week’s Slough v Mansfield FA Cup replay will do very nicely thank you, especially given that the same eBook disliker once played Sunday League football against the Slough Youth Club Old Boys whose ground the Rebels now squat in.

Clubs struggling to find the right balance in China, When Saturday Comes

Having penned a piece on a failed Chinese football league weekend in the summer of 2011, it’s interesting to take stock and see how the Super League in those parts is doing. Much coverage is punctuated with a dose of cynicism that recalls the attacks of Prince Philip and Morrissey but there are problems for sure — Nicolas Anelka may have lasted a little longer than Gazza but the stars have so far failed to shine. Andrew Crawford makes an assessment.

The Two Unfortunates
The non-partisan website with an eye on the Football League

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