Media Week: Copaca-Barnet? Brazil goes nuts for the Football League

If you follow The Seventy Two with any sort of recurring interest, you will know all about the Football League Brasil lads by now. If not, you can read up here and here. This is the third instalment of our ongoing saga, in which Gilmar Siqueira tells us what it is like to keep up with events in the Championship, League One and League Two from the other side of the Atlantic…

Follow international football in Brazil is a daunting task for anyone, like me, do not have cable television. But now it’s hard to keep up with the big European leagues, just imagine how you try to follow the English lower divisions.

The BBC website has to be the homepage. It is there that my team and I got news, rosters, ratings and real-time monitoring of almost every game. The site of “The Football League” in itself is not as complete as well, but is also of great help.

Of course a live reading text is not enough to say that accompanies real games.Some matches are televised and links are available on the Internet. However, this year came a great novelty in Brazil, the channel “ESPN” began to broadcast the Championship.

When it comes to the second division English people here think that a championship is totally weak, as is the National Series B. Even if teams try to argue talking about traditional public exorbitant average and good players, many still do not believe. With the airing on TV, probably tends to change this mentality.

In the beginning, “Football League Brazil” was only administered by me and contain summaries of the Championship, League One and without encompass League Two. When starting this work, I saw that it was very difficult to follow everything. Before exploring the background to the BBC website was impossible.

Over time I started to follow some British experts and met other sites, which even had the opportunity to watch the games. This facilitated the work too and also increased their quality.

Some months after having created the blog felt the need to cover also League One and League Two, to do justice to the name. It was then that I invited friends Lucas Leite and Gustavo Rodrigues, largely responsible for the good work being done.

The BBC is a great source of information but does not contain full details of each club and this prevents more detailed discussions. Therefore, making more specific posts about the clubs, requires a lot of research by local newspapers and official sites. But much work is always worth it.

This work really is quite exotic. But the acceptance that is occurring in Brazil exceeded any expectations. Not to mention that I could never believe that even the English would like what we do here.

Visit Football League Brasil. And follow them on Twitter.

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