Cautious Optimism at Home Park

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Has a corner finally been turned at Home Park? The days, weeks and months of agony suffered by Pilgrims supporters, not to mention the club’s staff and players, have been assiduously logged and documented across print and digital media but, until now, the news has nearly always set heads a-banging.

A few weeks ago, we were patronised as champagne corks popped upon the announcement that the club had been ‘saved’. An oxymoron if ever there was one; prospective buyers BIL having presided over a bid that had, to put it politely, taken the fucking piss at every possible juncture.

But today a different kind of statement was released and, for the first time in too long, Green imaginations can be let off the leash, at least for a short wander. Having been given the go-ahead to make their move following the apparent collapse of BIL’s bid, the Fans’ Trust-approved Akkeron Group have moved quickly, meeting with key stakeholders and communicating clearly with all parties in an attempt to draw a line under the havoc and misery of previous months.

Nothing is certain, of course, and the statement is alert to the deal’s complexity and the potential hazards to come. But intentions are admirable, and if the Group’s front man James Brent follows through with even half the professionalism that he’s shown to date then Argyle, in its 125th year, should be in good hands.

A way to go then, but perhaps, just perhaps, the Green Army should tonight feel cautiously optimistic about the future.

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