A hasty exit, a new dawn and the folly of looking back

Life occasionally becomes quite tough for a football blogger. Not in the grand scheme of things, of course. It’s not like serving in ‘Nam or anything. But you can think of a nice little topic in the morning while getting ready for the day job and everything looks peachy. Off you toddle to work, quite pleased with the article that is slowly forming in your head.

Then, completely out of …

The Championship goes back to school

Three words that plagued me as a child. You would barely be out of the door for the final time at the start of the summer before those three words would appear in big, bold letters whenever you went anywhere near a shop. Three words that would magically become four when spoken out loud. Back to bloody school.

Alright, fine! I’m coming back, don’t worry! I don’t have much bloody …

Taking the plunge: Championship predictions

Okay, okay. Time to hold the old hands up. There are only twelve names here. A bit of a cop-out, perhaps, but nobody likes to see their team predicted to finish in or around the relegation places before the season kicks off. I’m sure Blackpool fans are already heartily sick of seeing their club’s name in the immediate vicinity of the number 20.

While, sadly, they will probably have no