A journey through projects of the Football League

“Project” is generally perceived as a dirty word in English football, particularly in the lower leagues. It is usually employed as justification for short-term failure or overly extravagant expenditure. When things go wrong, everyone needs to pull together and believe in the project. When things go right, it’s just called winning…

proj·ect   [n. proj-ekt, -ikt; v. pruh-jekt]

1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.

2. a …

County Championship – Parallels between the second tier and Test cricket

James Knight was sat minding his own business one day when an email arrived in his inbox asking whether he would like to try to draw some parallels between the world of Test cricket he writes about for 51 All Out and English football’s second tier. So he wrote some words, clicked ‘Reply’ and now you can read them for yourself…

The Championship is a league of fine margins. Rarely …

Neil Warnock and Ipswich Town: Will it happen three years on?

Following Neil Warnock’s sacking from Queen’s Park Rangers on Sunday evening, talk quickly turned to the reigning Championship title-winning manager’s next move. That promotion was the seventh of Warnock’s career and the second time he has helped a team climb to the top flight, having reached the Premier League with his beloved Sheffield United in 2006. Like him or loathe him, he is clearly one of the hottest managerial properties

The best Championship moment of 2011

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No competition here. And fitting that it was provided by a Queen’s Park Rangers player given that they were this year’s champions in the Football League’s highest division. Fitting that it was provided by the best player in the Championship last season.

You know when someone scores a good goal or does a little trick and supporters of whoever they play for say “oh, if Messi did that then everyone …

The 25 Best Players in the Championship – as voted for by you: Part 21 of 25

If form is temporary and class is permanent, then we shouldn’t worry too much about Nottingham Forest’s current league position when considering whether Northern Ireland’s number one is among the best players outside the Premier League. You decided he is and voted him one of the 25 best players in the Championship, which means Joe Harrison had to write about him.

Lee Camp (Nottingham Forest)

Lists of this type rarely …