Five Stars: Peterborough United’s best players in the 21st century

Who are the five best players to have played for your club since the year 2000? As part of a new series covering every club in the Football League, Peterborough United fan John Verrall is first up to present five stars to shine at London Road in recent history. Stay tuned for your club’s selections.

David Farrell

For lower league clubs, the play-offs can only result either in jubilation or …

Manager moves: Darren Ferguson is the new old face at Peterborough United


Darren Ferguson returns to Peterborough United. It is a return that seemed almost unthinkable when he left the club and was appointed as the new manager of Preston North End. In the latest of his Manager Moves roundup, Mike Holden tracks the events that led to Fergie junior’s second shot with the London Road side.

Better the devil you know. That’s how Darren Ferguson summed up his decision to return …

Football League bloggers round-up #1 – January 14th 2011

Every fortnight during 2011, The Seventy Two will round up the best football writing about clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two on other blogs across the world wide web. The first of these regular round-ups features posts from Magic Spongers, A United View, The Real FA Cup, European Football Weekends and The Two Unfortunates.

The aim with future round-ups will be to feature more club-specific blogs so …

Where is Gary Johnson going wrong at Peterborough United?

This is what running a Football League blog is all about, in my opinion. You won’t find many words written about Peterborough United anywhere else, let alone 1,700 of them. But I wanted to know why Gary Johnson was failing so far at London Road and, luckily, John Verrall is here to explain in detail.

To say last season was a disappointment for Peterborough United would be an understatement. There …

After Preston North End, where next for Darren Ferguson?

Preston North End have sacked manager Darren Ferguson after less than a year in charge at Deepdale. Perhaps Darren was never destined to follow his father’s footsteps and manage Manchester United, but he is still a football manager trying to make a living. So, in light of his latest setback, where next for Darren Ferguson?

As early as August 17th, his card was marked.

Some managerial appointments are made …