What I want from my football club – Part 4: Basement boys

The Seventy Two has canvassed the opinion of several Football League writers from a variety of different clubs to ask one simple question: what do you want from your football club? Given around 300 words to play with, there were numerous responses so we will be looking at a cross-section every day this week, continuing with the thoughts of supporters of four clubs who have spent 2011/12 towards the bottom

How Aidy Boothroyd beat the Burton curse to boost the Cobblers

Aidy Boothroyd could be forgiven for casting a wistful eye towards the likes of Swansea City’s Brendan Rodgers and Paul Lambert of Norwich City – two young managers who are the flavour of the season following their successful adaptation to the Premier League. It could have been him.

Or could it have? When Watford were promoted under his charge, everything seemed rosy. But Boothroyd soon forged a reputation for workmanlike, …

Life after The Seven Two for Northampton Town

When you skim-read the results from each division on a Saturday evening, there are lots of 1-1s and 2-1s. There are a few goalless draws dotted around. The occasional 3-0 or 3-1. There aren’t many 7-2s. But then, not every team is Cobblers. Haydon Spenceley gets it all off his chest…

Northampton Town. Around a year ago, we were here together, and I threatened to divorce you, after you were …

Delving deeper: Attempting to analyse League Two

Deeper down in the Football League, writes Aaron Smith from The Washbag, there are no Opta stats or endless TV analysis of every minutiae covering completed passes, interceptions, animated shot graphics and tactical analysis to name but a few. Unless a full 90 minute video of all games was available to analyse, and even then the time to waste, we’ve only really got our eyes and the Press Association

Media Week: Following Northampton’s fortunes via local radio

“He’s running towards goal, and did the referee bring him down? It’s a foul, well done Marlon Jackson there”

30 seconds later…

“He’s given a penalty Geoff.”

“Has he? Oh yes, he has, it’s a penalty to Northampton Town here.”

These quotes can only really be taken from one place: local radio.

At the time of writing, the commentators on BBC Radio Northampton’s coverage of ten-man Northampton’s attempt to hold …