TTU’s Goodreads: 18-01-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 18-01-13
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The choices for this week’s Goodreads all have a similar theme: upheaval. As poorly as England’s football managers are being treated on the whole right now, at least it makes for good blogging…

Nine weeks later and the common denominator, Up the ‘Pool

So what really led to Michael Appleton ditching Blackpool for Blackburn so suddenly? Chris Walker expertly assessed events earlier this week and made a series of bold statements in doing so, not least that ‘Karl Oyston is simply unfit for purpose as chairman of a football club’. It’s blogs like this that put local rags, too cosied up with the clubs they cover almost as a rule, to shame.

Things Fall Apart, To The Left of Ross

Whereas Blackpool now appear to be unlikely contenders for a return to the Premier League, happier times perhaps lie ahead at Bristol City with Sean O’Driscoll coming in to rescue the proverbial damsel. Will Jones puts knee-jerk adulation in a box here, though, picking apart the situation the Robins find themselves in. Here’s a taster: ‘The frustrating thing though is that we’re doing this now. Six years in the Championship, and we’re figuring out how to be a Championship club just as we fall out of it…’

Southampton FC Adds Fuel To The Fire Of Football’s Growing Winter Of Discontent, Twohundredpercent

Just as the Robins appear to be playing being a football club by ear, Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese perhaps landed the biggest shock of the season thus far in sacking Nigel Adkins today. Supporters certainly didn’t see it coming: just last night I was on a bus with a Saints fan who seemed annoyingly taken with the way things were going at St Marys right now. I was bitterly jealous but, still, I’m not sure I would have wished this on her…

Ian King takes stock of the situation, making a nice comparison between the kind of slow, sustainable growth of Southampton’s past and the dirty, win-at-all-costs mentality that currently prevails within the south coasters’ boardroom.

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