TTU Season Preview 2012-13

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TTU Season Preview 2012-13
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Regular readers of this site may have noticed – in the last week – a slight drop-off in the frequency of posts. Like most of Great Britain, our attention has been otherwise occupied by events in East London and beyond. With Jessica Ennis et al accumulating a stunning haul of medals for Team GB, it’s been difficult to prioritise the countdown to the new football season.

Yet, if you’re anything like us, you’ll already be troubled by the fact that we’re already halfway through the Games; with only a week to go until the closing ceremony, our thoughts are already drifting ahead to what we’re going to do with ourselves once the athletes make their way back to Heathrow.

So, as it’s only a fortnight until the 2012-13 league campaign begins, we’ve gone ahead and commissioned a series of pieces from some of our favourite writers, with a few thrown in from ourselves for good measure, so as to ease ourselves back in to things.

Starting tomorrow, then, we take you up until the beginning of the season on Saturday 18th August with daily posts focusing on some of the most interesting and contentious goings-on from across the Football League, from Blackburn to Fleetwood via Cardiff and Port Vale, as we put Handball and Hockey to one side and embark on another season, TTU’s fourth since its inception in the summer of 2009.

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