TTU’s Goodreads: 22-02-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 22-02-13
Image available under Creative Commons (c) Dan Taylor

Football fans are divided into two camps – those who like to get to their cars and beat the rush and those who would stay until the bitter end even if the experience is of an utter thrashing. First up in our spots of the week today is the unfortunate Coventry City fan who departed before the end of the recent 2-0 win at Crewe:

AUDIO: Why You Should Never Leave a Coventry City Game Early, The Coventry Telegraph

Poor lad – resolutely sticking to the belief that the phone in host was having him on, I wonder if he still believes the game finished nil nil? Thanks to @RoutledgeEditor for sharing the link – the interlocuter still comes across as less crazed and more coherent than 90% of those who call into Talksport or 606.

The Life and Death of the Bluebird, 1910-2013, Ffwtbol

Say it until you are blue (or red) in the face, but there are some who feel a hefty lead at the top of the Championship is good enough reason to jettison over a hundred years of tradition – these folks probably think replacing traditional pubs with branches of All Bar One constitutes a ‘moving with the times’. Not so Phil Stead of @ffwtbol, author of a new book charting the history of football in the country, The Red Dragons.

The Best 25 Players in the Championship; One Year On, The Exiled Robin

Just over a year ago, The Seventy Two, our sister site and the archives of which reside in the postage stamp corner of our home page, ran an intriguing 25 player assessment of the best the Football League has to offer. This week, Paul Binning of The Exiled Robin, ex-Seventy Two co-editor Joe Harrison and Peterborough United blogger John Verrall have commissioned new pieces to assess the progress of this lauded subsection of players. One of our number was called upon to pronounce on the fortunes of Reading’s Jimmy Kà©bà©, but this first instance in the series looks at Adam Lallana, Kevin Nolan and Peter Whittingham.

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