The Seventy Two Unfortunates Championship Preview

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So, to round off a week of keen anticipation, here’s one final plug for our joint preview with The Seventy Two, a project that has been termed a “blogzine” by Bristol City’s leading internet scribe, Paul Binning aka The Exiled Robin.
Beyond the introduction, we were treated to 24 elegant and pithy summaries of those competing in Europe’s fifth most popular league. Click on the link below to enjoy them.
Carson Yeung’s hubris has been a perhaps fitting note to preface the campaign as question marks remain over the financial health of several firms of the second tier, not least Coventry City, so openly discussed by Neil Allison; both here and in our recent interview with Neil in our Conversations series. Elsewhere, Barnsley owner Patrick Cryne is facing a possible legal battle concerning former business iSoft and Cardiff City still owe Langston £24 million. At least we now know who owns Leeds United though!
After a season where the now relegated  Scunthorpe United were reported in some quarters as the only Championship club to turn a profit, the race for the prize is unending.
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