TTU’s Goodreads: 14-12-12

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For the past week, we’ve busied ourselves with an eclectic mix of subjects and issues, but — in between painstakingly dodging anything with the words ‘Arsene’ and ‘Wenger’ in the title — we’ve still had time to enjoy myriad offerings from the ever expanding football blogosphere.

Our three favourites from the past seven days were:

The Cult of Glen Little, In Bed With Maradona

As one of our number commented shortly after this posted, Glen Little is “quite simply a God”. This article, from Mark Griffiths, does a wonderful job of capturing why so, focusing in particular on Little’s current — and probably final — spell, with Wrexham. Let’s hope he stays involved in the game, in some capacity, beyond the end of the season.

Alexander Meier: The Bundesliga’s Most Unconventional Striker, A Football Report

Whilst not wishing to make a backhanded compliment, this wasn’t remarkable, but then some of the best pieces around aren’t. Rather, this was picked out for its coverage of an interesting story; summarising the recent journey of both a resurgent Eintracht Frankfurt and their captain Alexander Meier. Like the aforementioned piece on IBWM, it offered something different in another week whereEngland’s national media focussed on just a couple of headline stories.

Report: 20 Games In, Experimental 3-6-1

Ben Mayhew returned this week with another diligently developed update of his statistical reports on the Football League. Doing the dirty work so you don’t have to, Mayhew’s work continues to be a must-read for all writers, bloggers and general readers with a passing interest in the FL.

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