The Seventy Two Unfortunates League 2 Preview

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Today, our bumper (there really is no other word) preview of the coming football league season has gone live, a collaborative venture with The Seventy Two. The whole thing is presented in pdf format and is available for free download or via the link below.
There is a whole lot to enjoy from a myriad of the blogosphere’s best writers, but if your particular bag is League 2, you’ll probably find yourself thumbing forward virtually to page 82.

Therein, we have been delighted to welcome the likes of Michael Wood from Bradford City site Boy From Brazil, Simon Head from Gills365 and Rob MacDonald from Magic Spongers as well as a host of newer names. The preview also includes an appearance from Peter Bellamy of Crawley Town site, and it’s his beloved Red Devils that attract most pundits’ attention when called to comment on the teams likely to do well.

For an even more exhaustive overview of the NPower League’s third echelon, I should also urge you to consume an admirable joint venture undertaken on their respective sites by Danny Brothers, Maxi Hobbs and Ben Mayhew; Northampton, Cheltenham and Torquay fans respectively; as well as the first episode of the WAGU podcast, chaired by our Bury correspondent Mark Crossley. Indeed, there is more League 2 content available for perusal elsewhere in our preview with classic pieces from Niall Slater (on Di Canio at Swindon) and Lloyd Langman (on the Plymouth Argyle carousel) appearing in our Archives section from page 65.

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  1. Bill Turianski
    August 2, 2011

    Wow…Great job to all involved. I love the stat tidbits at the top of each club's preview.

  2. Lanterne Rouge
    August 2, 2011

    cheers Bill – we did think of asking you if you wanted to do some maps for it but decided that time was against us. Might be an idea for a further pdf in a few months though.


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