TTU’s Goodreads: 15-02-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 15-02-13
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An eclectic bunch of pieces relating to Football League clubs make up this week’s trio of recommends…

EXCLUSIVE: Graham Westley’s final column, Lancashire Evening Post

A rare spot in Goodreads for a column from a local rag. Here, in the first of a two parter, Graham Westley defends himself following his departure from Preston earlier in the week. It seems that it was one of those appointments that just didn’t work out but — for once — who could argue with Barry Fry, who suggested upon Westley’s arrival at Deepdale that it would take a good manager two or three years to turn Preston around.

In my formative years in the mid-nineties, I remember Preston as a strong Division Three side whose main end terrace was almost unfeasibly packed out every week. It feels as though they might well be heading back in that direction, minus the terrace.

Millwall Football Club: The Truth, Life’s a Pitch

One of our number is a Millwall fan. Whenever I tell anyone, the standard response seems to be slight shock; apparently, it’s just too much to imagine someone fair-minded and reasonable frequenting the Den.

Michael Calvin, whose Family awaits on my Kindle — wrestles with that kind of stereotyping in his response to Sky’s depiction of the club in their recent broadcast.

In Name Only? Turnstile Blues

“Managers love individuals who will ‘stand up and be counted’. They appoint captains who ‘take a clear lead’. Football relies on visibility. So what does it signify about Ipswich Town when the club’s entire brand, and its individual owner, are consistently anonymous: present ‘in name only’?” Less newsworthy than the former two pieces, perhaps, but equally thought-provoking stuff from Grant Badge on Turnstile Blues. Ipswich seem to be one of those clubs sleepwalking to relegation — if not this season, then some time soon — and this piece does a good job at conveying the frustration that the fanbase must be experiencing.

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